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Enigma Securities Improves Compliance Program With the Addition of New Security Protocols Through New Partnership With Elementus

29 luglio 2020 | 15.01
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NEW YORK, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Enigma Securities (www.enigma-securities.io), a crypto-focused financial institution specialized in electronic execution services is expanding its compliance and security protocols to include advanced blockchain forensics through a recent partnership with Elementus (www.elementus.io).

Utilizing Elementus' Lens product, Enigma is now able to screen any and all cryptocurrency transactions, allowing it to confidently confirm the coin is not sourced from risky or nefarious activity.

"We are thrilled to provide top-tier compliance tools supporting Enigma's best-in-class liquidity solutions for digital assets," said Max Galka, CEO and founder of Elementus.

"With the addition of Lens to our KYC/AML arsenal, Enigma feels confident that we can steer clear of transacting with counterparties involved in illicit activities," said Josipa Deak, COO at Enigma Securities. "Products like Lens are essential for the cryptocurrency market to continue its path towards mainstream adoption."

Note to editors:

About Enigma Securities (www.enigma-securities.io)

Enigma Securities is a leading, regulated crypto-focused financial institution, specialized in electronic execution services. Headquartered in London, UK, the firm works with institutional and corporate clients to provide a full suite of crypto services and bespoke liquidity solutions through its proprietary electronic trading platform and API access.

Enigma was first established in 2017 as the crypto arm of international brokerage firm Makor Group by Co-Founders Mr. Michael Halimi and Mr. Avi Bouhadana, in response to growing institutional demand for trusted digital asset trading. Looking to seize new, exciting opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Enigma quickly became one of the first regulated brokerage firms to set up banking relations and custody solutions to meet institutional standards.

Since its launch, the firm continues to expand its capabilities targeting a full-stack financial institution model with client-focused agency, leading innovation while working to bridge the gap between traditional financial services and cryptocurrency markets.

About Elementus (www.elementus.io)

Elementus is the institutional solution for organizations requiring intelligent insights from data transmitted within blockchain networks. Using proprietary data science, Elementus solves the inherent difficulties in interpreting decentralized data flows by capturing the high-signal information and organizing it into structured and queryable repositories. Their data pipeline supports any blockchain protocol and has delivered powerful analytical solutions for financial institutions, the public sector, and other entities looking for clear and actionable information derived from decentralized networks. For more information, please visit our website (www.elementus.io).

Contact Details:

Anastasia Ulianovaaulianova@enigma-securities.io+44 207 290 5777

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