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Eni's relations with government 'positive' says Descalzi

26 settembre 2018 | 18.35
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Eni has a "constructive and positive" relationship with Italy's populist government, the chief executive of the state-controlled energy giant, Claudio Descalzi, said on Wednesday.

"We have constructive, positive relations, especially with the industry ministry over the circular economy and backing for renewable energy sources," Descalzi told Italian daily Corriere della Sera in an interview.

"But also with the interior ministry on Libya and security issues, with the finance ministry and with (European affairs) minister (Paolo) Savona," Descalzi added.

Descalzi denied that investors were alarmed by the government in power in Italy, whose members include supporters of state-owned industry and opponents of global markets.

"This is not the case, not least because 95 percent of our business is outside Italy," Descalzi said.

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