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Giovedì 30 Marzo 2023
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EU leaders must confirm unwavering, united support for Ukraine - Italy

30 gennaio 2023 | 18.42
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European Union heads of state and government must show unwavering support for Ukraine in its 341-day-old conflict with Russia at a summit on 9-10 February, Italy's premier Giorgia Meloni said on Monday.

"At the European Council, it will be crucial to reaffirm Europe's constant and strong unity in its support for Kiev," Meloni stated.

Meloni was speaking a joint press conference in Rome after she held talks with European Council president Charles Michel ahead of next week's summit.

Earlier on Monday, foreign minister Antonio Tajani confirmed that the Franco-Italian SAMP/T air-defence system is likely to be sent to Ukraine soon to help protect it from Russian attacks.

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