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EU solidarity on migrants 'unsatisfactory' - Conte

23 luglio 2019 | 19.13
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Italy is not yet satisfied by the level of solidarity shown towards countries that are the main arrival points for migrants entering the European Union, populist premier Giuseppe Conte said on Tuesday after 14 member states agreed a new mechanism to relocate refugees and asylum-seekers across the bloc.

"We have been trying for months to reach consensus in Europe over a mechanism for migrant landings that is based on a united and supportive approach, " Conte wrote on Facebook.

"This will be accepted sooner or later by countries including France and Germany. Berlin and Paris are also making ever-greater progress in the awareness that there cannot be responsibility without solidarity and furthermore there cannot be effective solidarity when first-arrival states are penalised," the post went on.

Italy will continue to push for "effective and lasting solutions for the whole EU," Conte underlined.

Conte's post came after French president Emmanuel Macron told reporters on Monday that foreign and interior ministers from 14 EU countries had agreed at a meeting in Paris with a Franco-German initiative to redistribute migrants.

Macron did not spell out the specifics of the initiative but said that it would be "quick" and "automatic".

Following an appeal from the heads of the United Nations refugee and migration agencies, Macron also said that France had asked the Libyan government not to detain migrants and to ensure their safety in the war-wracked country.

Libya is one of the main departure points for migrants heading for Europe.

Alongside Greece and Spain, Italy is one of the main EU landing points for migrants and refugees trying to reach Europe by boat across the Mediterranean from Africa and the Middle East.

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