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EUCROF Releases Position Paper on Transparency in Early Phase Clinical Research

13 novembre 2014 | 14.39
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LONDON, November 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

The European CRO Federation (EUCROF) has released a position paper on transparency in early phase clinical research.  In this paper EUCROF makes proposals how the new Clinical Trials Regulation's transparency requirements could be implemented, balancing the public's need to know relevant information and innovators' intellectual property and confidentiality rights.

It is currently expected that the Clinical Trials Regulation will apply from 2017 onwards, once the IT infrastructure that underpins the regulation is fully functional. This allows sufficient time for all interested parties to consider the specific environment and objectives of early phase research.  Richmond Pharmacology supports EUCROF's position paper as it provides a reasonable and practical starting point for further discussion.

Read the press release and position paper


Dr Ulrike Lorch, Medical Director, +44-(0)-208-664-5200, info@richmondpharmacology.com

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