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Giovedì 16 Settembre 2021
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Europe can play 'major' role in Libya's peace process - Fico

17 giugno 2021 | 19.29
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Photo for The Washington Post by Lorenzo Tugnoli.

Europe can have a key role in upholding the ceasefire between rival forces in war-wracked Libya and in ensuring security, Italy's lower house of parliament speaker Roberto Fico said on Thursday

"Europe can play a major role the process of bringing peace to and reunifying Libya, contributing to maintaining the ceasefire and security conditions, also through the withdrawal of all foreign fighters," Fico wrote on Facebook after talks with his Libyan counterpart Aguila Saleh during talks in Rome.

"Stabilising Libya means stabilising the Mediterranean region. Europe's commitment to achieving this objective, as well as that of governments and parliaments is crucial," Fico's post underlined.

Fico's talks with Saleh covered the approval of Libya's budget, institutional reforms and its electoral law among urgent priorities facing the country's lawmakers, according to Fico's post.

Fico has held three rounds of talks with Saleh since becoming lower house of parliament speaker in March 2018, he noted.

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