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European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) and Pierre Fabre Partner to Address Treatment Gap for Stage 2 Melanoma Patients

29 giugno 2021 | 14.07
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Partnership builds on complementary strengths to advance research in melanoma with a focus on Stage 2 melanoma patients

BRUSSELS and CASTRES, France, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) and Pierre Fabre today announced a strategic partnership in support of patients with resected Stage 2 BRAF-mutant melanoma. The partnership includes the planning, design and execution of a large Phase 3 study investigating the use of BRAF and MEK targeted therapies to reduce the risk of relapse in this patient population, currently under approval with authorities.

"Sadly, still today too many patients with Stage 2 melanoma have their cancer come back, even after their tumour is removed. Further understanding how effective treatments can have an impact on recurrence is essential," said Dr Denis Lacombe, CEO of EORTC. "We are pleased to collaborate with Pierre Fabre who bring strong heritage and expertise in this therapeutic area, to make a true difference to people living with Stage 2 melanoma."

"Collaboration between Pierre Fabre and EORTC is the perfect match between our medical and clinical capabilities and a leading global network in oncology research. Our strong complementary expertise have potential to transform patient care in melanoma," said Dr Deborah Szafir, EVP, Head of Medical and Patient Centricity Division at Pierre Fabre. "Our strategic partnership on a pioneering Phase 3 study confirms Pierre Fabre's R&D commitment to oncology and particularly in skin cancers. Through our growing expertise in BRAF and MEK inhibitors, we aim to strengthen our support for patients with skin cancers."

Pierre Fabre has a long-standing commitment to the melanoma community and takes a unique holistic approach to skin health through combined expertise in oncology, dermatology, and dermo-cosmetics. EORTC, a network uniting 2,800 clinical cancer research experts across the globe, shares Pierre Fabre's commitment to improving the standard of cancer treatment for patients.

For further information, please visit the EORTC website (www.eortc.org) and the Pierre Fabre website (www.pierre-fabre.com) - @PierreFabre.


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EORTC:Isabelle Gautherot communication@eortc.org 

Pierre Fabre:Anne Kerveillant anne.kerveillant@pierre-fabre.com

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