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European Parliament will work with Biden on rule of law, human rights says Sassoli

20 gennaio 2021 | 21.40
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Photo: AFP

The European Parliament will work with US president Joe Biden to bolster the rule of law, human rights and multilateralism and will invite him to one of its plenary sessions, parliament president David Sassoli stated on Wednesday.

"Together with Vice-President Kamala Harris, Biden will undoubtedly restore calm and confidence in his country and the entire world after the dramatic events of recent weeks," Sassoli wrote on Facebook.

"We will invite him (Biden) to a plenary session of the Parliament to re-launch cooperation on the rule of law, human rights and multilateralism," the post said.

Europe will "stand shoulder to shoulder" with the US during Biden's administration and will be "a strong and loyal ally," Sassoli continued.

"Let's go forward together into a new season of hope."

Biden defeated his predecessor, Republican populist Donald Trump, in the November 3 presidential election after a bitter campaign. He was sworn in as America's 46th president at the Capitol Building on Wednesday amid tight security, two weeks after the building was stormed by violent pro-Trump protesters in a deadly riot on 6 January.

Trump refused to concede victory to Biden, who he claims "stole" the election from him, and did not attend Wednesday's inauguration.

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