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FAO helps train Libyan agricultural scientists

05 dicembre 2018 | 17.13
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Staff from the Libyan agriculture ministry have undergone training on Geographic Data Management held by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation and the ICARDA international network for agricultural research in dry areas, FAO said on Monday.

The two-week training course run by FAO and ICARDA experts gave participants an overview of the geospatial technology and applications, resources available from the public domain as well from businesses, RS/GIS data characterisation, analysis and applications, FAO stated.

The course also laid out guidelines for setting up and carrying out a typical RS/GIS based research project "to support individual and institutional development to plan for and conduct data collection, analyses, application and dissemination," said FAO.

The training course for specialists from Libya's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine Wealth was part of a capacity building accord between FAO and Libya's United Nations backed unity government, the UN agency said.

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