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Fincantieri to build Australian cruise liner in Vietnam

05 giugno 2019 | 19.20
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Fincantieri’s subsidiary Vard Holdings, one of the major global designers and shipbuilders of specialized vessels, signed a contract with the Australian cruise operator Coral Expeditions for the design and construction of a second expedition cruise vessel, Fincantieri said in a statement on Wednesday.

The vessel will be named “Coral Geographer”, and is the sister ship of “Coral Adventurer” which entered the owner’s fleet in April. Delivery is scheduled for the last three months of 2020, also from the Vard Vung Tau shipyard in Vietnam.

Like the "Coral Adventurer", the “Coral Geographer” will be 93.4 metres long, will have a guest accommodation capacity of 120, and will be developed by Vard Design in Norway in close cooperation with the client, according to the statement.

The vessel will be built according to the highest standards in terms of comfort and customer care.

Fincantieri is one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups and is a leader in cruise ship design and construction, the statement said.

The company has built over 7,000 ships in its 230 year history and has around 20 shipyards in 4 continents, employing over 19,000 people.

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