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FintechOS updates platform to boost the productivity of financial technology

02 novembre 2021 | 09.00
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- FintechOS 22 allows financial service providers to accelerate digital projects without high levels of technology expertise and investment

- New capabilities include 'Buy Now, Pay Later', split payments loans, overdraft and credit facility options for end customers, as well as new mortgage products

- The platform pioneers 'High productivity financial infrastructure' for financial institutions struggling with digital transformation projects

- FintechOS 22 is launched at FintechOS Leap (2nd-4th November), the company's annual three-day virtual event showcasing successes, challenges and best practices for financial innovation. 

LONDON, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FintechOS, a global technology provider for banks, insurers, credit unions and other financial services companies, today unveiled its latest product release FintechOS 22. FintechOS 22 combines composable digital and core business blocks with a no-code/low-code approach, underpinned by cloud-native, data-at-the-core architecture, that allows institutions to modernize legacy systems and launch new, differentiated digital products faster, more effectively, and more efficiently.

Many financial service providers have embarked on digital transformation projects. But 70% of these projects fail to meet their digital transformation aim and providers received almost no return on their investments (BCG, 2021). FintechOS helps financial service providers overcome these obstacles so that they can build, test and scale new digital products and services in weeks rather than months. With FintechOS 22, the company is delivering the first 'high productivity financial infrastructure platform', making it easier for internal teams to launch digital projects without needing significant resource or specialised knowledge.

Updates to the platform for banks includes:

Updates to the platform for insurers includes:

In addition, FintechOS is launching FintechOS Academy which allows its customers and implementation consultants to learn how to create and edit financial products independently of IT teams. This self-service model alleviates the reliance on overburdened internal software development and IT teams for change requests.

FintechOS 22 is underpinned by four main pillars:


"Too often, financial institutions embarking on a digitalisation strategy find themselves tasked with replicating competitors' technological capabilities just to catch up," said Teo Blidarus, CEO and Co-founder at FintechOS. "This burden is made worse by the heavy technical knowledge and financial commitment that organisations have needed to make only to then have to reinvent the wheel each time a new product is created. With FintechOS 22, institutions can finally overcome these inefficiencies and develop products that are truly personalised to the needs of their customers."

"But this is just the start. As Embedded Finance begins to reshape our markets and blur the lines between providers, industries and technologies, financial service providers must change. They need to be able to rapidly build new and differentiated products that can be easily integrated into third party offerings. And this can only be achieved through high productivity financial infrastructure and a low-code innovation approach. The era of IT-centric monolithic technology architectures must end," concluded Blidarus.

FintechOS 22 is being launched at FintechOS Leap (2nd-4th November). FintechOS Leap is the virtual, annual three-day virtual event showcasing successes, challenges and best practices for financial innovation. The event features over 60 leading speakers and is attended by 1000+ industry professionals.

About FintechOS  

FintechOS is driving a paradigm shift in the way financial products and services are created by making banks and insurers truly customer-centric.  

We consolidate critical data from multiple sources like existing databases and ecosystem APIs and these rich data insights are automatically plugged into every step of the customer journey to create truly personalized offerings. Our tech integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems and our low code tools quickly empower organizations to design valuable customer experiences.  

These capabilities free our customers to tailor products, services, and interactions to a segment of one, increase ROI and decrease time-to-market. 

FintechOS Lighthouse is designed to build end-to-end banking customer journeys that are fit for the future - it enables the delivery of smarter, personalized products and services. Pre-built functionality and low-code empower organizations to create value quickly. Move away from legacy systems or keep them in place - it's all possible.

FintechOS Northstar, our customer-centric platform for insurance lets insurers deliver clever products and services, at a faster rate. Our platform makes continuous innovation and fast go-to-market a reality. At the same time, it reduces cost via end-to-end digital customer journeys and increased efficiencies. 

The FintechOS Innovation Studio opens up access to innovation through a low code framework. It's a space where your non-technical teams can create and launch personalized products and journeys - all driven by data and powered by automation. 

More than 45 institutions run on FintechOS, including Erste Bank, Societe Generale, Scotiabank, Howden Group Holdings, Vienna Insurance Group and many more. Our reach spans 20 markets and four continents. We power the institutions that manage more than $100bn in assets and have offices in London, Amsterdam, New York and Bucharest.  

Find out more, visit us at: https://fintechos.com/ 

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