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First UN flour shipment to reach Lebanon in 10 days

14 agosto 2020 | 22.53
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The first flour shipment following the huge blast at Beirut's port last week will arrive in Lebanon in 10 days' time, the United Nations' World Food Programme chief David Beasley tweeted on Friday.

"Following last week's devastating blast and the loss of 120,000 metric tons of Lebanon's grain reserves, the first WFP shipment of flour will arrive in the next 10 days," read Beasley's tweet.

"And there's many more to come as we work with partners to prevent food shortages at this critical time," the tweet added.

The 4th August explosion destroyed the country's only large grain silo and the stocks it held, stoking fears of widespread food scarcity.

Beasley warned on Wednesday that bread could run out in a matter of days amid and there could be food shortages across Lebanon, where the World Bank estimates a sixth of the bankrupt country's population lives in poverty.

Lebanon's caretaker government said the deadly blast at Beirut's port happened when a fire ignited 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored at the port for six years.

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