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Lunedì 20 Settembre 2021
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Foreign ministry committed to women's rights

08 marzo 2021 | 12.39
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Italy's foreign ministry is strongly committed to advancing women's rights and gender equality, which are "key markers of modernity," foreign minister Luigi Di Maio stated on Monday - International Women's day.

"The ministry is constantly committed to striving for the goals of equal opportunities and gender equality. These are key markers of modernity and of the ministry's effectiveness and that of the public administration generally," Di Maio wrote in a message.

Women's rights and equality central objectives of the Italian government and specific priorities of Italy's G20 presidency and its three-year membership of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Di Maio added.

"Today, 8 March, International Women's Day, my thoughts are with all the women employed by the foreign ministry and who each day contribute "with enthusiasm, dedication and passion" to its work - in Rome and abroad," Di Maio underlined.

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