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Foreign ministry staunch partner of ILO - Del Re

31 maggio 2019 | 19.46
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Rome's town hall - FOTOGRAMMA

Italy's foreign ministry has been "a constant and reliable partner" of the United Nations' International Labour Organisation and continues to promote its activities to ensure economic growth and equality, deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re said on Friday.

"The foreign ministry is a constant and reliable partner in many cooperation initiatives carried out over the years with the ILO," Del Re said at an event at Rome's town hall to mark the organisation's 100th anniversary.

The latest such initiative, with a special focus on migration, the Fund for Africa aims to support ILO projects to encourage the social and professional integration of African migrants who return home, Del Re noted.

"In 1919 as in 2019, Italy continues to be the promoter of all ILO's activities, in order to guarantee growth and equality through employment.. and will do so for years to come," Del Re concluded.

Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte was due to make the closing remarks at Friday's event, which was opened by Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi.

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