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Former council IT chief held in southern Italian graft probe

29 marzo 2017 | 16.20
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The ex-head of IT at the town council in Casapulla, southern Italy, was among four people arrested Wednesday for allegedly rigging tenders worth over two million euros, police said.

Naples daily Il Mattino named the man as Carlo Antonio Piccirillo. He was put under house arrest , along with a surveyor, Raffaele Testa, architect Andrea D'Aniello and businessman Raffaele Piccolo, the daily said.

The suspects were held on the orders of Naples anti-mafia prosecutors and all four face charges of bid rigging.

Wednesday's operation came amid an ongoing probe of public tenders in the province of Caserta that were allegedly rigged in favour of companies linked to the Naples mafia's powerful Casalesi clan.

Over 60 people were arrested earlier in March as part of the probe, including a Campania regional councillor and a local mayor.

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