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Mercoledì 28 Luglio 2021
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Free access to Coronavirus vaccines for all nations - Di Maio

21 maggio 2021 | 19.43
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All countries need to get their populations vaccinated swiftly against Coronavirus and Italy is in favour of a temporary waiver on vaccine patents to improve global access to inoculations, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio stated on Friday.

"All countries must have free access to vaccines as fast as possible," Di Maio wrote on Facebook.

"Draghi's words are very important and lean towards suspending vaccine patents," Di Maio wrote, referring to comments Italy's premier Mario Draghi made on Friday backing a "temporary" waiver.

"We are at the front line in efforts being made in this direction," Di Maio stated.

In an opening address to the Global Health Summit taking place in Rome, Draghi urged the rapid inoculation of the entire population against Coronavirus and backed a "targeted" and "time-limited" waiver on vaccine patents.

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