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Gentiloni blames migration on climate change

22 novembre 2017 | 19.11
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Photo: AFP

Migration is being fuelled by global warming and the green economy offerer "extraordinary" opportunities to mitigate climate change and boost growth, Italy's premier Paolo Gentiloni said on Wednesday.

"Migratory phenomena, the movement of millions and millions of people are due to the effects of climate change," Gentiloni said at the presentation of the 'Green Italy 2017 report'.

This is already having an effect in Africa "today not tomorrow," he said Gentiloni, who will visit Tunisia, Angola, Ghana and Ivory Coast from 25 to 29 November.

He urged policies to combat global warming, saying these should be funded by the world's wealthiest economies.

"The environmental challenge poses a threat to future generations, but is also an extraordinary opportunity for growth, innovation and development," Gentiloni said.

Competition between green economies is not a future or a potential contest but an actual one, he stated.

"The commitment to act and to seize opportunities for national economies such as Italy's should be apparent," he said.

"I hope the political will exists."

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