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Gentiloni tweets optimism amid Covid-19 crisis

09 aprile 2020 | 21.51
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European Union economy commissioner and former Italian premier Paolo Gentiloni on Thursday struck a hopeful note as the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage Europe.

"Soon things we will be able to get going again. At such a difficult time, European citizens want shared decisions and solidarity," Gentiloni tweeted.

Italy, France and Spain and argue the Covid-19 crisis is a Europe-wide problem and are urging joint eurozone debt instruments to help fund the massive investments needed to recover from the economic devastation wrought by the virus.

Fiscally conservative countries including Germany and the Netherlands oppose issuing Eurobonds and favour the use of the eurozone bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism, but countries are also split over what the loan conditions should be.

Eurozone finance ministers have this week been locked in tough negotiations over a coronavirus rescue package worth up to 540 billion euros - so far without a breakthrough.

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