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Gentiloni urges rapid switch to sustainable economy

07 novembre 2017 | 12.44
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Italian citizens will benefit from a faster transition to a "sustainable, innovative and competitive economy," prime minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Tuesday.

"In recent years Italy has committed strongly to a development model that can achieve economic growth while preserving the environment," Gentiloni said.

He made the remarks in an address to the Ecomondo trade fair taking place in Italy's eastern coastal resort of Rimini through Friday.

"We need to continue on this positive path and to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable, innovative and competitive economy," Gentiloni stated.

The switch to a sustainable economy is creating a raft of new opportunities for Italian companies and workers, Gentiloni underlined.

"This is sector that will become ever more strategic for our country," Gentiloni stated.

Ecomondo is an annual trade fair for the expanding material and energy recovery sector.

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