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German tourists can return to Italy in mid-June says minister

05 giugno 2020 | 18.45
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German tourists will be allowed to visit Italy from around 15 June and the Italian authorities will update Germany on Covid-19 cases on a daily basis to keep visitors safe, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Friday.

"This is a choice of loyalty and transparency towards Italy which we appreciate," Di Maio said in Berlin where he held talks with his German counterpart Heiko Maas.

Daily epidemiological updates will allow German citizens to visit Italy "in complete safety", Di Maio underlined.

"Italy intends to make rules to avoid fragmenting the European tourism market," he said.

Covid-19 restrictions are now being eased cautiously across Europe in phases . Germany has announced that travel ban for EU member states and specified European countries including the UK will be lifted in mid-June, provided large-scale lockdowns were not still under way in those nations.

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