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Martedì 11 Maggio 2021
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Govt 'following case' of Italian woman stranded in India with Coronavirus

04 maggio 2021 | 20.06
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The foreign ministry is following the case of an Italian woman trapped in India after she travelled there to adopt a toddler and tested positive for Coronavirus.

Simonetta Filippini, from the Tuscan town of Campi Bisenzio, is currently quarantined in a New Delhi hotel after arriving in India with her husband on 19 April to adopt a two-year-old girl, Tuscany's governor Eugenio Giani said on Tuesday.

"I have talked to Simonetta to ask about her state of health and have since spoken to (foreign minister Luigi) Di Maio. The foreign ministry is also taking an interest," Giani said.

Filippini's parents have asked the foreign ministry to fly their daughter back to Italy aboard a military plane amid fears the 45-year-old could face hospitalisation in India should her condition worsen.

"We are sparing no effort to bring Simonetta back to Tuscany for medical treatment," Giani underlined.

There are 22 other Italians currently stranded in India after they tested positive for COVID-19.

The world's second most populous nation is in the grip of a dramatic Coronavirus outbreak and the highly infectious Indian variant of the respiratory disease has overwhelmed hospitals and depleted supplies of oxygen.

Coronavirus cases In India have topped 20 million with over 222,400 deaths, according to health ministry data.

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