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Govt to unveil new Chinese guide to Italian labour law

23 gennaio 2018 | 16.21
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The government will present a new Chinese language guide to Italian labour law at an investment seminar at the foreign ministry on Wednesday that will be attended by China's ambassador to Italy Li Ruiyu, the ministry said on Tuesday.

The new guide is aimed at Chinese business people needing knowledge of Italian labour law and will "make a concrete contribution to intensifying economic cooperation between Italy and China," the ministry stated.

Besides Li, Italy's foreign undersecretary Benedetto Della Vedova, Senator Pietro Ichino, and the chairman of Italy's "Friends of China" parliamentary association, MP Vinicio Peluffo, are due to address the seminar entitled 'Foreign investment in Italy - an overview of Italian labour law', said the ministry.

Ichino is a member of the Italian Senate's Permanent Commission on Labour and Social Security.

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