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Govt tracking case of Italian graffiti artists held in India

04 ottobre 2022 | 21.26
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Italy's diplomatic representation in Mumbai is following the case of four graffiti artists who were arrested in the Indian city of Ahmedabad at the weekend, accused of defacing public transport, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

"The Consulate General in Mumbai is liaising closely with the foreign ministry and following the case of the four Italian nationals arrested in Ahmedabad (India) on 2 October," said a ministry statement.

The four Italians are accused of entering Ahmedabad's subway depot and spraying trains with paint, according to the statement.

"The Consulate General is maintaining close contact with the authorities in Ahmedabad and with the Italian nationals’ families, and providing them, and the individuals concerned, with any assistance needed," said the statement.

The four men, who are all in their twenties, are from Italy's eastern Marche and Abruzzo regions. They arrived in Mumbai last week from Dubai on month-long tourist visas.

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