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Hamburg Airport Awarded MATERNA ips the Contract to Install an Automated Baggage Drop-off System and to Deliver New Self Check-in Kiosks

26 febbraio 2014 | 12.11
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DORTMUND, Germany, February 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

- Specific requirements for function and design

Hamburg airport awarded the Dortmund based specialist for integrated passenger services systems "MATERNA ips" with a contract to develop a "Common Use Self Bag Drop Solution". The solution should in particular be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the fifth largest airport in Germany.

In the initial phase MATERNA ips are working together with partners EVANS Airport Solutions, SICK, Vanderlande Industries and Hamburg airport representatives to develop and implement an automated baggage drop-off system. The so called "Self Bag Drop Solution" is based on the CUSS standard (Common Use Self Service). The objective is to standardise and speed-up the baggage handling of different airlines and at the same time take into account their different requirements. The modern design of the airport is a very important factor with the development of the system. The new kiosks should blend in with the interior design of the check-in areas.

After an extensive test phase, 40 of these new Self Bag Drop Systems are to be installed. In addition MATERNA ips are also to deliver 20 new self check-in systems which are to be optimised for the requirements at Hamburg airport.

MATERNA ips has gained another large customer with this contract and can further extend its leadership as a supplier of integrated passenger services in the German market.

More information: http://www.materna-ips.com

Press contact: Antje Krämer         MATERNA Information & Communications         Vosskuhle 37, D-44141 Dortmund         Tel: +49-(0)231-5599 - 8396         E-mail: antje.kraemer@materna.de                               Product information: Michael Overkämping, Jana Eull         Tel: +49-(0)231-5599 - 8977 / -8691        michael.overkaemping@materna.de jana.eull@materna.de

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