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Home to Chinese traditional culture, Wuzhen is an ideal vacation destination

18 luglio 2014 | 10.03
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WUZHEN, China, July 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the past few years, the ancient town of Wuzhen (www.wuzhen.com.cn) in China's Yangtze River Delta region, has further enriched its heritage through the addition of a series of cultural events including the Wuzhen Theater Festival and the Drama Incubator, making Wuzhen one of the country's landmark cultural towns. Wuzhen is an ideal tourism destination for anyone who would like to know and experience what was like to live in one of China's small but important towns in the days of yore.

Wuzhen is adjacent to world Intangible Cultural Heritage Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Water continues to flow through the town's canals, just as they did in ancient times. Throughout history, Wuzhen was a gathering place for China's highly-placed businessmen as well as for Chinese masters across every artistic discipline. As far back as the Tang Dynasty, several of China's classical drama culture forms including Shanghai Opera, Huangmei Opera, Suzhou Pingtan and the local Flower Drum Song have thrived in the small town. Drama is considered part and parcel of the life and culture of the town going back countless generations.

As a tourism destination for leisure and vacation, Wuzhen is well equipped with modern facilities, including sightseeing buses, tourist boat, WiFi, satellite TV, floodlighting for viewing of tourist attractions at night, parking lots, assuring visitors easy access to all attractions. This ancient town offers the opportunity to visit homes that are lived in to this day by local residents yet have retained the unique characteristics of the traditional culture through the generations while staying at well-equipped multi-star vacation hotels and luxury inns. Wuzhen is also home to over 20 workshops for all manner of traditional crafts, among them studios for wine-making, silk weaving, smelting and blue calico work, each one showcasing their unique local craftwork culture to visitors.

With the aim of enriching the town's cultural life, Wuzhen has brought back many traditional folk festivals, including the Lamb Culture Banquet, the Street Banquet with the series of tables stretching for blocks and the Temple Fair showcasing silkworm farming culture, all of which are highly popular among visitors and tourists. In addition, the romantic Valentine's Day, the busy Christmas Festival and the Children's Folk Game Festival showcasing traditional plays and skits put on by children living in the town are a special draw, especially for visitors from abroad.

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