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How Consumers Return During and After Covid-19

21 luglio 2021 | 10.01
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Cycleon releases global market study into consumer returns behaviors

UTRECHT, Netherlands, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 67% of people in Germany would choose to bring a return parcel to a drop-off point, while in Italy 62% of people would prefer home pick-up.

Cycleon, experts in global returns management, have released the results of their global market study into consumer returns behavior. Such insights are valuable to inform brands and retailers on how best to approach returns to keep customers happy and outperform competition.

During the pandemic, e-commerce boomed, with more people shopping online than ever before. Naturally, this increase also led to a growth in return volumes. After years of being overlooked, retail brands are now seeing the importance of optimizing their returns, to heighten both customers experience and operational efficiency.

Just as every customer is different, so are their returns preferences. Cycleon's study confirmed this by looking at the most and least popular methods for returning items, per country and age group. Consumers responded that during this time their preferred return methods overall were drop-off (39%), pick-up (31%), parcel locker (15%), and return to store (14%).

Survey participants were also asked their preferences regarding returns and sustainability, where 75% indicated they would make concessions to ensure that returns were handled in a more environmentally conscious way.

In short, although trends emerged between the most and least popular ways to return among consumers, answers varied depending on geography and demographic. This demonstrates that brands need to understand consumer demands, per market, and be flexible and accommodating with their returns process to satisfy these demands.

Check out Cycleon's whitepaper (free to download) to explore the survey results and learn how these may help your brand to optimize returns.


About Cycleon/RLG

Cycleon are experts in product returns management. An industry-leading, full-service partner for brands and retailers looking to optimize their reverse logistics.

With a global network coverage, Cycleon manages retail, service and ecommerce returns from consumers and businesses, combining IT and logistics while taking full responsibility of the returns journey. Returns are smartly managed end-to-end, from returns initiation to final redeployment.

For more information about our solutions and services, please reach out via the contact details listed.

CONTACT INFORMATION:Le Mirage BuildingVliegend Hertlaan 713526 KT UtrechtThe Netherlands

Marketing DepartmentT: +31 30 299 55 00E: marketing@cycleon.comW: www.cycleon.com

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