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ID distribution/Vaziva Launch the First New Generation Structured Product 2.0 in Real Estate

17 giugno 2020 | 10.00
LETTURA: 3 minuti

PARIS, June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ID distribution, the French employees benefit company, is pleased to announce the joint venture with Groupe JRI, a seasoned company in the real estate in Paris, to issue security tokens and a Frankfurt listed bond ISIN DE000A28S117 (WKN A28S11) to acquire buildings downtown Paris for employees' housing acquisition. The total amount, 70M euros, will be allocated to acquire 5 buildings with the aim to lease usufructs' properties to first time buyers and keep traditional activities of property traders for specific high standard buildings.

This five-level building features spectacular locations in Paris like rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Rue du Sabot in Saint Germain des Prés and rue d'Assas in the Latin quarter. Districts in a bullish trend since 30 years now. Jean Raoul Ismael, a veteran with more than a billion euros investment and 60,000 square meters acquired or created in the last decade, declares, "I am fueled by the responsibility to help acquirers with the most important transactions in their life, with the crisis we aim to find innovative ways of financing with the blockchain and tokens making possible for anyone to invest in the most secured asset."

Security Tokens as opposed to debt instruments are here to strengthen the company's equity capital and simultaneously make sure that an attractive 6.5% yield meet investors requirements. ID distribution SAS, a company serving 100,000 employees with social endowments in France modern payment tools, is also issuing through the platform wezee.io, security tokens to be delivered to customers and recorded in its private blockchain. The fintech environment of ID distribution enables investors to obtain electronic wallet and payment tools with dedicated accounts. Patrick Berthé the owner of ID distribution and the tokens platform declared, "My lifelong learning curve in the business has provided me with the skill to instinctively know my clients' needs, once that is clear, I will do whatever it takes to exceed their every social expectation in a modern financial ecosystem. Today we serve employees' endowments with electronic money and tomorrow we will propose decent shelters."

About JRI Groupe 

Jean-Raoul ISMAEL through JRI group has developed first-class real estate projects for a high-end clientele. For more than 40 years, JRI has built up a multidisciplinary group of real estate services dedicated to a demanding clientele by providing them with services as a property merchant, developer, property administrator, co-ownership trustee and project manager combining these statuses. From 1976 to 1995 JRI has created and developed a group specializing in the design and sale of tax-exempt real estate products (professional furnished rentals), as well as hotel residences in Paris. More than 60,000 M² of transactions have been traded within this group.

From 1995 up to now, Jean-Raoul ISMAEL devoted himself to Asset Management functions on behalf of private investors, associated with his Family Office, major operations were carried out, particularly the rehabilitation of more than 35,000 M² of real estate and hotels, mainly in Paris and Loire region.

About ID Distribution

Patrick Berthé has developed since 2015 a "social fintech" serving companies and their HR department or Social bodies for endowments on innovative payment tools through the brand Vaziva, today 100,000 employees benefit from ID distribution solutions. The company has also deployed the business in security tokens for attractive companies having interactions with social and ethic business models in housing, high tech, software or artificial intelligence sectors.

www.vazivagroup.com https://groupejri.com/fr

Logo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1191779/Vaziva_Logo.jpg

For further information please contact:Christophe Kourdouly CFO at ID distributionchristophe.kourdouly@vaziva.com

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