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Giovedì 13 Maggio 2021
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iDiscovery Solutions Launches Redesigned Brand Identity

08 febbraio 2021 | 17.27
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WASHINGTON, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- iDiscovery Solutions announces the launch of their updated brand identity and website.

iDiscovery Solutions' logo

While iDS' core values and mission have remained the same since their inception in 2008, the task of providing clarity to their messaging and the visual representations of the firm was an essential part of their long-term growth strategy. The process began with a brand review that kicked off in 2019, resulting with an updated logo, website, and messaging system.

"Rather than a rebranding, the brand review reinforced existing messaging and key elements of what makes iDS unique," explains Dan Regard, Founder and CEO at iDS. "This evolution helps to fulfill the value promise of iDS and clearly narrates how what we do benefits the needs of our clients."

One of the biggest changes to the iDS logo involved its icon, moving away from its signature orange square that traditionally sat on top of the "I" in the firm's logotype. In its place is a bright orange sphere, representing the global consulting experts that provide their clients with customized data solutions. Their structured, five-part STEPS™ process is also represented within the sphere in the form of five white lines.

Additionally, iDS refreshed all channels of communication that culminated with the launch of an updated website. According to Jonathan Sachs, iDS Director of Sales and Marketing, "While we are excited about these new visual representations of our brand, the commitment of our team to provide a more consistent and high-quality product to our clients has positioned iDS for continued growth and the growth of those we serve."

iDS is a professional services consulting firm that specializes in digital forensics, eDiscovery/Disclosure, structured data, cybersecurity, data privacy, and information governance. Their structured STEPS™ process provides clients with the opportunity to control the narrative and make informed decisions.

Contact: Blanche Gallagher, brandRUSSO blanche@brandrusso.com337.706.9079

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