Deoleo's Exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Carapelli 125 Years Celebration and Founders Edition, Walk the Red Carpet

125 years sharing its mastery, making history, and winning awards

MADRID, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The year 2018 has been an exceptional one for Deoleo's flagship liquid gold. Carapelli's two new oils are conquering the world, with Carapelli 125 Years Celebration and Carapelli Founders Edition winning 8 international quality awards and 11 international awards respectively.

Awards received in 2018 include:


Always aware that we live in a frenetic world that sometimes overwhelms with its rapid changes and its rush to modernity, Carapelli has created these two unique olive oils that transport us back in time to age-old Italy. Imbued with characterful flavors and aromas, these oils enable us to rediscover essential values, encouraging us to live the life we truly desire.

Refined by the essence of Tuscany, Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oils come from the heart and are born from the brand's exuberant olive groves and from the enduring passion of the founders, Cesira and Costantino Carapelli.

Carapelli believes that it is the 125 years of craftsmanship that makes its olive oils an art. The extra-virgin varieties, "125 Years Celebration" and "Founders Edition," are no mere olive oils -- they are veritable masterpieces, crafted to offer eternal appeal, to make history by winning awards, and to delight any palate. 

"We are delighted to see our brands being recognized around the world," said Deoleo Chief Commercial Officer Miguel de Jaime Guijarro. "We have a clear strategy and commitment when it comes to quality, sourcing and innovation. This is demonstrated through these latest wins. Our foremost commitment is to deliver quality while continue to meet the ever-growing needs of our consumers, who value health and social well-being." 

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