Japanese Whisky Company Scoops International Awards, Makes Waves in Whisky World


SAN FRANCISCO, June 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- This year Matsui Shuzo won various top awards at the World Whiskies Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and International Whisky Competition in the US.

Matsui Whisky passed scrupulous blind tastings in prestigious, global competitions which recognize outstanding quality and excellence in whisky.

This is the 1st time that Matsui Shuzo has received international awards, in addition to being first time entrants. The quality of Matsui Shuzo's craftsmanship and whisky is reflected in these superb results.

Award Names and Recipients

World Whiskies Awards (WWA) 2019

Pure malt whisky in Taste CategoryKURAYOSHI AGED 8 YEARS       : WinnerKURAYOSHI AGED 12 YEARS     : GoldKURAYOSHI AGED 18 YEARS     : Gold

San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SWSC) 2019

Pure malt whisky in Taste CategoryKURAYOSHI                                   : SilverKURAYOSHI SHERRY CASK        : SilverKURAYOSHI AGED 8 YEARS       : SilverKURAYOSHI AGED 12 YEARS     : Gold

Blended whisky in Taste CategoryTOTTORI BOURBON BARREL   : Silver

Single malt whisky in Taste CategoryMATSUI SAKURA CASK               : BronzeMATSUI MIZUNARA CASK           : Double GoldMATSUI THE PEATD                    : Gold

Liqueur in Taste CategoryWHISKY UMESHU (Plum Liqueur) : SilverBRANDY UMESHU (Plum Liqueur): Silver

International Whisky Competition (IWC) 2019

Best Japanese WhiskyKURAYOSHI SHERRY CASK        : 1st Place (92.6 pts)KURAYOSHI AGED 18 YEARS     : 3rd Place (91.6 pts)

Best Japanese Whisky No Age StatementKURAYOSHI SHERRY CASK        : 1st Place (92.6 pts)MATSUI SAKURA CASK                : 2nd Place (90.1 pts)MATSUI THE PEATED                   : 3rd Place (89.9 pts)

Best Single Malt Japanese WhiskyKURAYOSHI SHERRY CASK        : 1st Place (92.6 pts)KURAYOSHI AGED 18 YEARS     : 2nd Place (91.6 pts)KURAYOSHI AGED 8 YEARS       : 3rd Place (91 pts)

Whiskies of the World (WoW) 2018

Pure malt whisky in Taste CategoryKURAYOSHI AGED 12 YEARS     : Gold

About Matsui Shuzo and Matsui Whisky

Matsui Shuzo is the oldest corporation registered in Tottori Prefecture. The predecessor, named Ogawa Shuzo, was an old family that ran a sake brewery from the Edo Period (17-19c).

Kurayoshi distillery locates in Kurayoshi City in Tottori Prefecture. Surrounding by country side, the region has an abundance of fresh water, generously supplied by snowfall on the Daisen mountain range. The subtropical climate is partly infused by its proximity to the Sea of Japan.

Rather than merely relying on the taste of a few blenders, Matsui Shuzo asks hundreds of whisky enthusiasts and other professionals to try the whisky.

Paying close attention to their feedback is how Matsui Shuzo develops Matsui whisky.

The qualities that characterize Matsui whiskies not only include the shape of the copper pot stills, but the environmental conditions in which ageing takes place.

From testing storage conditions to experimenting with barrel types, we aren't afraid of innovation. Matsui Shuzo continues to strive to bring happiness to people through the whisky.

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