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Language is no longer barrier for research: Open access journals disrupting the English dominance in scientific literature


Omics International reaching 50 million reader base

LONDON, and SINGAPORE, Jan. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Srinubabu Gedela, CEO of OMICS International has mentioned that Open access scientific publishing is removing language barriers. Scientific research published in Open access journals can be translated to multiple languages without copyright laws. If the scientific content translated to multiple regional and global languages, then the outcome of scientific research reaches to the poor people in the world. Now, some of the governments are giving importance to scientific content translation to their regional languages.

Free scientific content is essential to society, which empowers the economic growth, heritage and culture. Free literature removes the dominance and eradicates economic imbalance between poor and rich. "The open access publishing industry is still working on the improvisation to reach even the remotest corners of the globe with cost effective, affordable and free scientific information," Dr. Gedela added.

Commenting on the recent developments on fake news and fake blogs, Dr. Srinubabu Gedela mentioned, "Fake news and a few fake blogs are affecting the reputation of Open access journals, as these are created by the culprits. These fake bloggers are closing the blogs after earning required money from pay access publishers or working for their personnel gain. A few pay access publishers selling scientific content to the scientific community and manage the academic mafia with support from trade agencies. However, the trend is changing, scientists are supporting open access and giving preference to publish in open access journals.

Now the leading Open access journals have captured momentum. "It's a good sign," Dr. Gedela added. Support from the learned societies including academic societies, government bodies, and all other members of the scientific community is pouring in after realising the far-reaching impact of Open access digital publishing.

OMICS International with its 3000+ employees has been a pioneer in the dissemination of scientific and healthcare information and celebrating victory of Open access publishing. With the help of 50,000+ well-qualified scientists as editorial board members OMICS International is able to grow from 10 journals in 2009 to 1000+ peer reviewed journals by 2017 with an increased reader base of 50 million. OMICS Group is also conducting 3,000+ annual scientific and medical meetings in association with international partners.

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