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Sabato 02 Dicembre 2023
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Pine Investments GmbH Purchase offer to SFP holders of Astaris S.p.A (Astaldi S.p.A.) IT0005422925

20 novembre 2023 | 08.00
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FRANKFURT, Germany, Nov. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pine Investments GmbH, an investment company authorized to proprietary trading, offers to purchase the securities issued by Astaris S.p.A. with the ISIN IT0005422925.

Further transfer documentation must be requested directly from the e-mail address astaldi@pine-investments.com or downloaded from the website www.pine-investments.com/astaldi

Pine Investments GmbH, Bockenheimer Landstraße 17-19, 60325, Frankfurt am Main, GermanyTel: +49 69 153 221 91        Fax: +49 69 299 570 74        E-mail: astaldi@pine-investments.com

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