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Global Cybersecurity Leader NTT Offers SaaS Subscriptions to its Patented XDR Platform

05 settembre 2023 | 18.00
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With the launch of Samurai XDR SaaS, businesses of every size now have access to enterprise-level threat detection and response

TOKYO, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- NTT Security Holdings today announced the launch of Samurai XDR SaaS, making their advanced threat detection and response system accessible to organizations of all sizes for just $40 per endpoint per year.

The cloud-hosted solution requires no infrastructure deployment, providing SMBs an affordable way to leverage NTT's real-time threat intelligence gathered across its global network. Samurai XDR integrates seamlessly with major security brands like CrowdStrike, Microsoft, Fortinet, Cisco and Palo Alto Networks.

The self-service platform allows companies to identify and respond to threats proactively using AI and behavioral analytics. Samurai XDR gives users visibility and control across network, endpoint, cloud, email and more through an intuitive interface. With no long-term contracts, Samurai XDR SaaS combines the power of NTT's enterprise-grade technology with the flexibility and affordability SMBs need to protect against modern cyber threats.

"Samurai XDR SaaS represents the next level in cybersecurity," said Shinichi Yokohama, Chief Executive Officer at NTT Security Holdings. "This cloud-based solution empowers businesses of all sizes with enterprise-grade security capabilities, effectively leveling the playing field against the most sophisticated cyber threats."

Samurai XDR SaaS benefits from NTT's global threat intelligence network, one of the largest T1 internet backbones in the world. This grants unique real-time visibility into emerging threats, allowing businesses to proactively respond to malicious activity. Samurai XDR uses artificial intelligence and behavioral analytics to strengthen detection and response capabilities across the network.

"With the launch of Samurai XDR SaaS," added Yokohama, "NTT is democratizing cybersecurity. The modern threat landscape requires businesses to adapt, and we're enabling them to do so effectively and affordably, regardless of their size."

NTT invites businesses to experience the future of cybersecurity with a free trial of Samurai XDR SaaS.

For more information, visit https://www.samurai.security.ntt/extended-detection-and-response



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