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22 agosto 2023 | 11.57
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LONDON, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The acceptance of applications for participation in the International Media Award "Newsky Award" continues. Professional and young journalists, as well as authors of blogs on social networks from all over the world can apply on the official website of newskyaward.org until November 10, 2023 inclusive.

Authorial works of journalists published in print media, broadcast on TV and radio, or on the Internet from January 1, 2023 to November 1, 2023 are allowed to participate in the Award. The award is organized by the United Charity Projects Evolution Public Foundation and Kazakhstan Journalism Academy.

The main goal of the Newsky Award is to identify talented journalists and authors of the best materials and encourage their merits in covering foreign policy issues and interregional harmony, cultural and spiritual values, as well as charitable and social activities that contribute to the development of Kazakhstan and the world community.

The award is given in six categories:

One of the distinguishing features of the "Newsky Award" is that nominees from all over the world can take part in it. The works will be evaluated by an independent jury of the award, which includes honored figures in the industry, reputable journalists and media professionals.

According to the results of the award in each nomination, the winners will be awarded a commemorative statuette in the form of a symbol of the award of a dove with an olive branch and a badge made of precious metals by leading jewelers of Kazakhstan.

The award ceremony of the winners will be held in Almaty on November 30, 2023. This event will bring together diplomats from different countries, well-known media personalities and the first persons of the clergy of Kazakhstan.

The Organizing Committee of the Award invites journalists from international media, bloggers on social networks and young reporters to participate in the Newsky Award - 2023! Try your hand and be among the nominees!

For more information, please visit www.newskyaward.org.

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