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Bond No. 9 celebrates Women Power -- not just with scents, but with our in-house female ingenuity and our philanthropy. Please follow our lead!


NEW YORK, April 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Women everywhere today are moving to the forefront, reveling in strength in numbers, asserting themselves as never before—and for Bond No. 9 and our founder-president Laurice Rahmé, this couldn't be happening at a better time.  Don't get us wrong—we love men.  But we're aligned with women everywhere celebrating this power and strength we're newly exercising, not to mention our (very female) striving for peace for all.  Our parfumerie, we are delighted to say, has been advocating for and exemplifying Women Power ever since we started from scratch 14 years ago.  And our story and out-of-the-box accomplishments, we hope, will inspire other women, whether in their own businesses or in the lives they lead. 

Bond No. 9 is 100 percent independently owned and operated by a woman—our founder, president, and creative head, Laurice Rahmé.  We're proudly non-corporate—even anti-corporate.  Our against-the-grain business is spunky, cheeky, fun, iconoclastic and free-spirited. 

One among the many innovative aspects of Bond No. 9 that we're proud to convey is our civic sense.  The perfume business may be all about romance and allure, but our company is also and always mindful of our city, our country, and the wider world.  Our beloved best-selling philanthropic fragrance, for instance, the Scent of Peace, was intended as an homage to that New York-based global leader in peacekeeping and conflict-resolution, the United Nations.  In the wake of that scent's introduction, we officially sponsored Seeds of Peace, an international organization dedicated to bringing together young leaders from regions of conflict.  What's more, our president, Laurice Rahmé, supports the U.N. Women for Peace Association—via proceeds from the global sales on Scent of Peace. For her efforts, she was one of the Association's 2015 honorees.  

About our 70 fragrances:  They're composed and packaged with a woman's touch. All of them have an unmistakable signature that makes them instantly recognizable as Bond No. 9.  They're known as risk-takers and pace-setters with unconventional profiles that avoid traditional sweetness.  We're more interested in celebrating women today.  For example:  We've got 21st century tough-girl scents.  We've got ambiguous androgynous scents, and we introduced the world's first digital scent.  We've got men's fragrance too (which women routinely co-opt.)

All of these accomplishments were and are Women-Powered.  And so—we at Bond No. 9 urge you to let your voices be heard.  Take the initiative. Stand up for your rights.  Vote.  Never take No for an answer.  Don't be afraid to challenge authority.  Let's keep this movement thriving.

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