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SEPHORA China Launches New Beauty Concept: My Beauty Power Turn It On


SHANGHAI, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SEPHORA, the world's largest prestige beauty retailer, held a press conference at the Shanghai Film Plaza, on August 31, to release a new concept of Beauty Power. SEPHORA announced its new concept "My Beauty Power Turn It On" and called on every consumer to search deep and realize the power of their individual and unique beauty, and rediscover, lead and create a new meaning of beauty that is distinct to them. To be able to communicate with even more young people the concept of "My Beauty Power Turn It On"; Z.TAO, a famous Chinese singer and actor, joins SEPHORA this time as the brand ambassador. Meanwhile, the SEPHORA mini program was also launched to offer the new experience of omni-channel social retailing. At the end of the press conference, SEPHORA announced that its first Asian New Concept Store would be opened in Shanghai in September.

The new concept "My Beauty Power Turn It On" inspires avant-garde beauty trends

SEPHORA, inspired by its disruptive spirit, announced its new concept "My Beauty Power Turn It On" at the press conference. To enhance the rollout of the new concept, SEPHORA officially announced Z.TAO as its brand ambassador.

Innovation and upgrade: new social retailing through omni-channel

SEPHORA has built a comprehensive omni-channel retail system. Apart from the official SEPHORA app, official website, Tmall flagship store, JD flagship store, SEPHORA also launched the mini program on August 31. This is an attempt by SEPHORA to embrace Chinese social culture and become the first comprehensive vertical beauty retailer to offer a full social shopping experience.

In addition to having 228 physical stores covering 74 cities in China, SEPHORA also announced its first new Asian concept store will be unveiled in September in Shanghai.

SEPHORA's "My Beauty Power Turn It On" will lead a new wave of beauty trends, bring unprecedented innovation and subversion to the beauty retail industry, and provide new perspectives. In addition, the seamless omni-channel closed-loop retail system as well as the fully upgraded Asian New Concept Store will give every consumer a chance to confidently create their own beauty power. We believe that the unrelenting pursuit of beauty, the constant exploration and leadership in beauty trends, along with the continuous innovation of experiential sales are the best ways for SEPHORA to fulfill its commitment to Chinese consumers.



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