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Segway Discovery Officially Launches in Spanish Market


BEDFORD, New Hampshire, Feb. 18 , 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Segway Inc., a global leader in smart mobility and robotics technologies, announced today that it is officially launching its new tour program, Segway Discovery, in Spain.

"The Segway Discovery Program is designed to bring a fun and interactive sightseeing experience to tourists through our streamlined processes and digital technologies," said Tony Ho, Vice President of Global Business Development, Segway Inc. "For tour operators, Segway Discovery provides a one-stop-shop package of marketing, transportation, multimedia and social sharing services. It provides the best touring experience for both sides."

The establishment of Segway Discovery signifies a strong commitment to the goal of global expansion. The long-term plan is to grow Segway Discovery into a global tour network, setting it up as a mobility-as-a-service network covering wide geographical areas, multiple transportation modes and quality-curated tour content.

Segway is extending an invitation to all tour and rental businesses to join the Segway Discovery Program and become part of its new network offering enhanced tour experiences. As a member of this network, tours and rental companies will not only be authorized to use the brand, but also be equipped with a suite of business tools, including a mobile App and digital equipment customized to enhance its operation.

Tony added, "The Segway Discovery program brings a breath of fresh air to Segway® Personal Transporter tours. We are very excited to launch now in Spain and will have more Segway Discovery tours coming soon to your next travel destination!"

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