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Scivita Medical Single-use Broncho Videoscope Solution Showcased at ERS 2023

13 settembre 2023 | 13.06
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ROME, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Scivita Medical presented Single Broncho Videoscope Solution at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress 2023, in Milan, Italy from 9-13 September 2023 (Booth D.03A). Scvita Medical Single-use Broncho Videoscope Solution includes Single Use Broncho Videoscope and Full HD Visualization Endoscopic Image Processor, which meets respiratory surgeon's various clinic needs.

Respiratory is one of the clinic departments of high risk of cross contamination in hospitals, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. Scivita Medical Single-use Broncho Videoscope is a disposable flexible endoscope. It frees healthcare practitioners from having to sterilize the used endoscope after each operation, thereby enabling back-to-back procedures, improving surgical efficiency, and reducing the composite cost of hospitals. Besides, Scivita Medical Single-use Broncho Videoscope has 3 different sizes, offering more applications scenarios, including treatment and diagnosis.

In the past, single-use videoscope is not able to provide high-resolution image. Scivita Medical Full HD Visualization Endoscopic Image Processor is all in one solution, proving digital video-out to display live image in high quality on external screen as well. It is applied both intensive care unit and operating room, including bedside bronchoscopy, intubation. airway examination, tracheotomy. bronchoscopy, and interventional surgery etc.

Scivita Medical Single Use Broncho Videoscope is developed from the company's unique technology platform. The platform is built upon five synergistic core technologies: 4K UHD medical imaging technology, Fluorescence medical imaging technology, Single-use Endoscopic technology, 3D medical imaging technology, and Ultrathin Endoscopic imaging technology, allowing the company to offer a wide suite of innovative endoscopic solutions to address the diversified clinical needs of different clinical departments / hospitals 

"'Clinic focus' is our core value. ERS offers us a great opportunity to communicate with the world-class respiratory surgeons, which is helpful for us to know clinical feedback to improve our products," said Michael Li, Vice President of International Marketing & Sales. "It is also an important step for us to reach more local surgeon and make them know us as a global company with high-quality products and comprehensive products layout including single-use and reusable endoscopes." Mr. Li continued.

About Scivita Medical

Founded in 2016, Scivita Medical is a medical device company that provides minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment solutions, and focuses on the research, development and commercialization of medical endoscopes and related products. Scivita Medical takes 'Globalization' as its core strategy and has established R&D centers both in China and Japan. With solid in-house R&D capabilities, Scivita Medical has established a unique technology platform built upon five synergistic core technologies, and built a comprehensive portfolio of endoscope products and products candidates covering all types of endoscope procedures conducted by the various clinical departments, to address diverse medical needs. Adhering its value of 'Clinical Focus' 'Collaborative Innovation' 'People Oriented' 'Excellence & Efficiency', Scivita Medical will continuously upgrade its core technologies, improve market penetration with excellent products, and to be the preferred brand trusted by doctors and patients around the world.

For more information, please visit: scivitamedical.com/#/

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