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Indian held over hammer attack

03 aprile 2017 | 16.01
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Police on Monday arrested a 37-year-old Indian immigrant suspected of a savage hammer attack against a compatriot that left him fighting for his life in a Naples hospital.

The unnamed Indian allegedly bludgeoned his 33-year-old compatriot with the hammer during the attack in Ottaviano near Naples, striking him 10 times on his head and body.

Police arrested the Indian at an address in Ottaviano, east of Naples after receiving an emergency call and interviewing witnesses.

The victim of the attack is in intensive care at the Cardarelli hospital in Naples, where doctors said his life was in danger.

Police said found the man in a critical condition in a courtyard outside the apartment building where the attack took place.

Police said they found the hammer allegedly used in the attack inside the fridge in the suspect's apartment.

The suspect is currently in jail at Poggioreale prison in Naples and faces charges of attempted murder.

The reasons for the attack were not immediately clear but Naples daily Il Mattino reported that the two Indians were said to be in a relationship.

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