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Inspirations from the Global Leader: Getting to 100% Electric Delivery Vehicles

29 ottobre 2020 | 17.00
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A new report series from Rocky Mountain Institute brings new insights from Shenzhen—the global electric vehicle leader— on how to fully electrify urban delivery and logistics vehicles.

BEIJING, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) launched a six-volume report series which explores the experience of the City of Shenzhen, China in addressing carbon emissions and air pollution through the electrification of its urban freight sector. Shenzhen is leading the world in electric vehicle adoption and the details of how it is moving towards 100% electrification can provide lessons for cities around the world.

Utilization of a vehicle is one of the biggest determining factors to wider adoption of electric vehicles in fleet and logistics applications. This report series—Putting Electric Logistics Vehicles to Work in Shenzhen—focuses on understanding the policies, charging infrastructure, technology, and market development advances critical to achieving full utilization of electric logistics vehicles (ELVs).

This report series contains insights based on the lessons drawn from Shenzhen relevant to global leaders, including state and city governments, logistics delivery and retail goods industries, and the financial sector. The key insights from our work relevant to these leaders include:

To read the full report, visit RMI website at:https://rmi.org/insight/putting-electric-logistics-vehicles-to-work-in-shenzhen/


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