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International Good Deeds Day 2021: Over 100 countries took part in thousands of projects dedicated to bettering society

12 aprile 2021 | 08.01
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Good Deeds Day continues to expand its circles of good, as the peak event of year-round activities benefiting people and the planet, with thousands of projects involving millions of people worldwide

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 11, over 100 countries across the globe participated in Good Deeds Day 2021, including U.S.A., India, Armenia, Mexico, Poland, Italy, UK, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Tobago, Russia, and more. Enthusiasm around this international day of good increases every year, with millions of people joining-in to do something positive for others. Launched 15 years ago in Israel, Good Deeds Day has crossed borders to become an internationally unifying day of good.



Businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, initiator of Good Deeds Day, said, "This year Good Deeds Day takes-on a different format that follows the latest guidelines, because doing good and being good – is always possible, at any time and under any circumstance. Since the very begging, the idea behind Good Deeds Day was shining a spotlight on doing good deeds that grow the circles of good in the world. So, this year too, that's what we'll be doing together with millions of people who are participating in more than 100 countries around the world. It's heartwarming to see the outpour of goodwill and acts of loving kindness that people do, helping others in any way possible at such a time, making food baskets for those in need, entertaining the elderly either face-to-face or over Zoom, and so many other activities of good filled with creative ideas that benefit others, helping them, and spreading the good together."

Some of the key global activities on Good Deeds Day 2021:

USA: 50 states participated, partnering with Points of Light, IAVE, Habitat for Humanity, and other organizations. A virtual chess and leadership training was held for at risk youth.

Taiwan: Thousands of people attended a mega event of good deeds.

Afghanistan: Volunteers donated supplies to dozens of schools, engaging students in volunteering.

Costa Rica: 8th year taking part, with a whole month of good deeds, from donating personal kits to hundreds of hospitalized people, to concerts, blood drives, and an NGO festival at highlighting ways to do good year-round.

Armenia: Hundreds took part in teaching artisanal skills to immigrant communities.

Israel: In the country where Good Deeds Day first started, one million people took part in this annual celebration that crosses all cultures, religions, and ages.

Panama: 24 hours of good deeds, including building community gardens, donating school supplies, and giving haircuts at homeless shelters.

Nepal: Hundreds of people came together to support the environment and reduce air pollution across the country.

UK: Hundreds took part in hands-on projects across London all month, allowing people to choose their way to do good.

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Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1485007/International_Good_Deeds_Day.jpg

Contact information: Hannah Wojno Director Good Deeds Day hanna@ruachtova.org.il

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