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World is on your side, Draghi tells Ukraine

Ukraine has the entire world's backing, Italy's premier Mario Draghi said on Thursday during a visit to the war-wracked country with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron.

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Di Maio takes part in key OECD meeting

Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio is due on Thursday to attend a meeting in Paris of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's Ministerial Council - a key OECD body - which Italy is chairing this year.

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Ukraine must not eclipse other world crises - Italy

Russia's more-than-three-month-old war in Ukraine cannot cancel other crises around the world - from the Middle East to the Horn of Africa and Afghanistan, Italy's deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni said on Tuesday.

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Horn of Africa at centre of Sereni, Weber talks

The stability and peaceful development of the Horn of Africa and Sudan was the focus of talks on Tuesday between Italy's deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni and European Union special representative for the Horn of Africa, Annette Weber.

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