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Abandoning BRI won't weaken Italy-China relations: PM

30 agosto 2023 | 16.23
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Abandoning BRI won't weaken Italy-China relations: PM

Non-renewal by Italy of the Belt and Road Initiative global infrastructure investment deal to rebuild the old Silk Road trade route won't strain ties with China, according to premier, Giorgia Meloni.

"I don't foresee things getting complicated. We'll discuss the Silk Road project in parliament and in a calm and friendly way with the Chinese government," Meloni said.

"I am convinced that relations will remain solid," Meloni said.

Relations between Rome and Beijing are "ancient" and of mutual benefit to both countries, Meloni underlined.

"China can be an excellent partner for the Italian luxury goods sector, for example," Meloni added.

Italy became the first developed economy to join the BRI in 2019 - a move criticised by its Western allies. The deal will renew automatically unless Rome makes a formal request to withdraw from it by December

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