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China worried about Russia-Ukraine conflict says Tajani

04 settembre 2023 | 20.40
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China worried about Russia-Ukraine conflict says Tajani

China's government shared Italy's "preoccupation" over Russia's 558-day-old invasion of Ukraine - a former Soviet republic - foreign minister Antonio Tajani said on Monday after a two-day visit to Beijing.

"I've invited the Chinese to convince (Russia's president Vladimir) Putin to back off, there is certainly preoccupation on their side as well as ours," Tajani stated

"We'll see what happens when Putin goes to China," Tajani told reporters at the Italian embassy as he wrapped up his visit.

A Kremlin foreign policy advisor, Yury Ushakov, said in July that Putin planned to visit China in October in response to an invitation issued by president Xi Jinping.

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