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Lunedì 25 Settembre 2023
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Italy seeks UN intervention in Africa

15 settembre 2023 | 15.31
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Italy seeks UN intervention in Africa

The United Nations must intervene in turmoil-wracked sub-Saharan Africa - which has been hit by a wave of military coups in recent years - Italy's foreign minster Antonio Tajani stated on Friday.

"We must not underestimated what is happening in Africa and we'll look at the situation next week at the UN General Assembly," Tajani said on the sidelines of business lobby Confindustria's annual general assembly.

“We absolutely have to request a UN presence, because the situation in Africa is not 'explosive' - it has already blown up," Tajani underlined.

Tajani also called for measures to stem the rising tide of migration to Europe from Africa via the Mediterranean.

"Italy will do everything required of it and strategic vision is needed," Tajani said.

Tajani will head to Germany and France when he returns from New York, he said.

There have been military coups in seven sub-Saharan countries - Gabon, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea - since 2020.

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