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Giovedì 28 Settembre 2023
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Italy wants stronger cooperation with Horn of Africa region

19 settembre 2023 | 12.55
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Italy wants stronger cooperation with Horn of Africa region

The government is determined to bolster cooperation with Horn of Africa countries and the continent will be a key focus of Italy's G7 presidency next year, according to foreign minister Antonio Tajani.

I confirmed the government's commitment to strengthening cooperation with the countries of the Horn of Africa," Tajani wrote on X after talks with his Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somali counterparts in New York late Monday.

"Focus on fighting human trafficking, strengthening economic partnership and development. Africa will be a priority for Italy's G7 presidency," the tweet added.

Tajani is attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week, where he has said Italy will seek to put migration and the emergency in the Mediterranean at the centre of discussions.

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