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Pugliese, Magramane focus on Sahel, Niger

29 agosto 2023 | 19.15
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Pugliese, Magramane focus on Sahel, Niger

Africa's Sahel region, especially coup-hit Niger were at the centre of "useful" talks between Italy's ambassador to Algeria, Giovanni Pugliese and the general of Algeria's foreign ministry, Lounes Magramane.

"Useful exchange of views on the situation in the Sahel, with a particular focus on Niger," the Italian embassy tweeted on Tuesday.

Niger was the focus of phone talks on Friday between foreign minister Antonio Tajani and Algerian counterpart, Ahmed Attaf, who last week toured West African states to shore up support for his country's opposition to military intervention against the coup leaders.

Algeria has repeatedly argued against military intervention in Niger, citing the turmoil that followed Nato action in Libya in 2011 to oust longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi, and fears of a migrant influx.

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