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Tajani: Italy-Germany action pact will cement ties

20 novembre 2023 | 19.46
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Tajani: Italy-Germany action pact will cement ties

A strategic action plan that Italy and Germany are due to sign this week will bolster "already very strong" bilateral ties, Italy's foreign minister Antonio Tajani told the RaiNews24 rolling news channel on Monday.

"With Germany we will strengthen collaboration, we will create a real action pact to cement ties that are already strong," Tajani stated.

Italy's premier Giorgia Meloni and Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz are set to ink the strategic bilateral pact to bolster political and economic cooperation in several strategic areas during high-level consultations in Berlin on Wednesday.

"We are the two most industrialized countries in Europe, so there is a lot of scope for common action. We both belong to the G7 and NATO, there is a lot we need to do together to give common answers to our citizens," Tajani said.

The joint action plan comes after the 2021 Quirinal Treaty consolidating ties between Italy and France, which was loosely modelled on a 1963 Franco-German pact.

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