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Lunedì 25 Settembre 2023
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UN thanks Italy for donation to Libyan flood victims

15 settembre 2023 | 19.23
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UN thanks Italy for donation to Libyan flood victims

The United Nations has thanked Italy for a 350,000 euro donation to help victims of the catastrophic floods in eastern Libya which have left 100,00 people in need for humanitarian aid

"Thank you Italy for your support and response to the floods in #Libya by mobilizing €350k through the Emergency Bilateral Fund," the UN in Libya wrote Friday on X (formerly Twitter).

"By this and other support, @WFP_IT will continue to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to 100,000 people in the affected areas," the tweet added.

The flooding was triggered by the failure of two dams outside the city of Derna on Sunday, unleashing a torrent of water through the city's centre. Over 11,000 people are now known to have died in Derna and the storm also killed about 170 people elsewhere in Libya.

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