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Iraqi reporter killed during Hawija offensive

04 ottobre 2017 | 19.28
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A photographer working with Iraq’s military was killed in clashes on Wednesday during an assault to re-capture the northern town of Hawija - one of the Islamic State jihadist group's last strongholds in the country, the IraqiNews.com news site reported.

Hamza al-Abboudi, was killed when IS militants fired a mortar shell on his locations when troops were invading the centre of Hawija, located near the oil city of Kirkuk, IraqiNews said.

Iraqi forces entered Hawija earlier on Wednesday, after launching a major offensive to retake the strategic IS bastion in late September.

Conflicts in Iraq have killed 465 Iraqi journalists in 14 years, the head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, Moayed al-Lami, said on Wednesday.

Seven reporters were killed in Iraq in 2016, out of a total of 57 who were killed in conflict areas across the world, according to press watchdog Reporters Without Borders' 2016 report.

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